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OTANJOUBI PRESENTO.! ^^ [Apr. 8th, 2011|03:24 pm]
johnny's web @ lj
Originally posted by ryu_ja at OTANJOUBI PRESENTO.! ^^

Papers &Pen

He’s walking in an unfamiliar place. He doesn’t understand why his feet bring him there. He doesn’t know the reason why he can’t say no to what his heart says. But his mind is against to what his heart says at this moment. All that he knows at this time is that he wants to find something that is missing in him. And that is, maybe one of the reason why he is there.

          He stopped on a place where the sun rays are blocked by the leaves of the three. He raised his head. Closed his eyes and feel the breeze of the wind. He heard the leaves dancing with the wind. He stopped there for almost half an hour until someone distracted his concentration. He heard a voice coming from his back.

          “What are you doin’ there?” asked the girl. He’s not still looking at the girl. “I’m just feeling the breeze of the wind” he answered without looking at the girl. “Ah, are you from this place, ‘coz I’m not familiar of you. I don’t see you here” the girl said as she sits under the tree where he is standing. At last he turned around and looks at the girl. “May I?” he asked. “Sure” answered the girl with smile. He sat beside the girl.

“So, where do you live anyway?” the girl said looking at him. “Ah ok. I get it, you live around Migigawa” the girl added. Migigawa is a photography school where even high school students can enroll. Ryu is a college student, obviously, he’s taking photography.

  “Hai” he answered. They stopped talking for a while and looked up.

 “Ano~” he started. “Hm?” the girl asked. “What’s in this place?” he asked. “In this place?” the girl said. “Wait, would you mind if I ask your name? We talked a lot but still, we haven’t introduce our selves to each other yet” she added. He smiled and started to introduce his self. “Sakuno desu” the girl said reaching her hand to Ryu. He also did the same thing. “So, what brings you here? I’ll guess, you’ve never gone here, that’s why you’re asking about this place, right?” Sakuno said. “Hai” Ryu responded. “Ah, sou ka” Sakuno said as she lifted her head. The silence came around again.

Sakuno put out a mini notebook and pen from her pouch. And now she’s writing. “What are you doin?” Ryu asked. “I’m writing my feelings” Sakuno replied while writing. They’re talking like they know each other a long time. “And you’re the reason why I’m writing this” Sakuno added as she looked at Ryu. Of course, because of curiosity, he asked what the girl feels. “I met someone I don’t know today, BUT, to my surprise, I never felt fear to talk with Ryu-kun. Instead, I felt I’ve known Ryu-kun before” Sakuno answered as she writes. He didn’t response to what Sakuno said. He’s just looking at the girl wondering why he’s feeling the same as Sakuno feels.

He sat beside Sakuno earlier because he knows that he can talk to this girl without stranger factor. And he didn’t fail. Because they didn’t notice the time. It is almost sunset. They were talking for almost half a day. They only notice that when Sakuno saw his wrist watch.

“Can we talk again?” Sakuno asked as she stood up. Ryu nodded with smile. “Ok. Ja ne!” Sakuno said waiving her hands.

“Chotto!” Ryu said when Sakuno turned back. “Hm? Doshite?” Sakuno asked looking back to Ryu. “Ano~ when will I can see you again?” Ryu asked in shy voice. Sakuno smiled and said, “That is the place where I go every time I want to write something”. “Ja ne!” Sakuno added before she goes. Ryu watch Sakuno go.

It’s already late but he can’t sleep. He’s thinking something. He wants to do something. He stood up. He finds his self writing on a piece of a paper. He put it in a mini brown box. The paper is folded into a swan origami.

He’s in the class but still his mind is not on the class. He wanted to see the girl. He wanted to talk to the girl. He never talked to someone like he did yesterday. He doesn’t want talking to someone that he didn’t know, but because of strange reason, he talked to the girl like he knows the girl in a long time. He never felt fear to talk. He never felt ashamed to tell to the girl what he wants to tell. She even made him smile. Actually, he didn’t smile to someone unless that person cracked jokes. It’s not his attitude to socialize to people around him.

It’s his plan to go to that place again today but he didn’t expect on not seeing the girl in that place. He waits. But it’s already sunset. The girl didn’t come. He thought what the girl said when he asked when he will see her again. Maybe the girl doesn’t have anything to right today. Maybe she feels alright. Maybe she’s busy. Ryu has those ideas on his mind. But of course, he felt a bit disappointed. But the feeling of comfy towards the girl is still on him. He still wants to see the girl.

Before he goes to bed, he makes sure that he had written his feeling on the swan origami.

After class, he had this plan again on seeing the girl in that place. He went there the same time when he first met the girl. He sat under the tree. He did the same thing before. He loved to feel the nature. The breeze of the wind. Hearing on the dancing leaves. Feeling the some rays of the sun. He felt that he’s doin that for almost an hour but again, the girl didn’t come.

He never gives up on the fact that he will see the girl again. He still goes to the place where they first met. He’s always waiting every time he’s on that place.

After almost a month of doin that, someone noticed him.

“Ryu-kun?” said the voice coming from his back. He knows to whom is that voice. He turned to his back. “Sakuno-chan?” Ryu asked. “What are you doin there in the middle of the rain?” Sakuno added as she goes to Ryu to share her umbrella. “I’m waiting for you” Ryu answered with shaking voice. And he’s in closed arms. “Even it’s raining?” Sakuno asked again. “Hai” Ryu answered.

Sakuno smiled a bit but her concern is to give Ryu a warm feeling. So she invited him to go to her place. Ryu didn’t refuse.

When they got to the place, Sakuno immediately gave Ryu a towel to dry his self. She said he can sit anywhere. It’s alright even if he’s wet. But Ryu chose to go in bathroom.

He noticed there’s only one toothbrush on the rack.

After drying his self, Sakuno gave him shirt. “It's good to have dress boutique near the condo building” Sakuno said giving the shirt to Ryu. “Arigato” Ryu said. “Iie, it’s my fault why you stayed there and get wet. So it’s my obligation to help you dry yourself” Sakuno said putting out some foods from the plastic bag. She’s at the kitchen counter.

“Do you eat yakiniku?” Sakuno asked as she puts the apron on her body. “Hai” Ryu answered. “It’s my favorite” he added. “Great! We have the same taste in foods. It’s also my favorite” Sakuno said in beautiful smile and turned around. When she turned around, she didn’t notice that Ryu is in her back. She slipped but Ryu caught her.

“Kyaa~” Sakuno said when she felt Ryu’s hand around her waist. She immediately stands straight. “Gomen” Ryu said. “Iie. Iie. Ano~ arigato na” Sakuno said when she felt that Ryu felt awkward on her reaction. “I’m so clumsy” Sakuno added before she laughs a bit.

“May I help you prepare yakiniku?” Ryu asked. “Ii no?” Sakuno asked. “Hai. I love preparing yakiniku” Ryu answered. “Ok. Let’s make this the most delicious yakiniku in the entire Japan” Sakuno said before she cracked a laugh. Seeing the cheerful face of Sakuno, Ryu laughed too. “Ok!” Ryu said in a cheerful voice.

As they were preparing the yakiniku, Sakuno’s phone is ringing.

“Hai, I’m here” Sakuno said before hanging her phone. “My dad always checks if I’m here” Sakuno said while they’re watching movie and eating their yakiniku. “Where are your parents?” Ryu asked. “They’re not here. They’re working abroad. I used to live here alone” Sakuno answered. “You don’t have sister or brother?” Ryu asked. “I don’t have” Sakuno answered. “Grandparents?” Ryu asked. Ryu’s looking to Sakuno now, more like he’s not interested to the movie anymore, he’s more interested to Sakuno.

“I don’t want to depend to my grandparents. My parents’ want me to live with my grandparents but I chose to live here” Sakuno answered. “But you’re still young to become independent. You still need to obey what your parents want for you” Ryu said. “In my age now, I want to face the real world without depending in my parents” Sakuno said. “Ok, I won’t force you to live with your parents or to your grandparents, as long as you’re ok here, I won’t go beyond the line” Ryu said. “Arigato” Sakuno said.

They don’t know but now, they treat each other like they have commitment. They bond like they missed each other a lot. They talked a lot.

“Before I forgot, I have something for you” Ryu said. “Here” Ryu added giving Sakuno a mini brown box. “What’s this?” she asked. “You taught me one way of expressing my unspoken words” Ryu answered. “I have this attitude of not telling others what I feel, what I want to say. I don’t talked to people I didn’t know. I’m not concern to other people. But in strange reason, after we met that day, I learned to express my feelings, even if not in telling to other people, at least I know you’re there to listen to me.” Ryu added. Without noticing, Sakuno hug him. “I know what you feel, I write my feelings to these pieces of papers because I do have no confidence on telling others what I feel. Seeing you standing in place your not familiar, I know you want to explore you self” Sakuno said while hugging Ryu.


Hugging this girl make his heart beat fast. Another feeling came to him and now, he doesn’t know how to express this. All he knows is he wants to stay beside this girl.                                                                                                    




:. ja ^^


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From: ryu_ja
2011-08-27 07:39 am (UTC)
sorry for the late responce..im kinda bc thats y i just hve read it now..it is obvious that a lover of ryu..haha..can i read your fic?
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